Areas of Practice

GP Law Group has represented businesses and individuals in various types of civil matters, including:

Our attorneys have a vast amount of experience foreclosing on real and personal property. They have negotiated short sales and receiver sales; liquidated property at auctions; and pursued foreclosure actions to sheriff sales. Their intricate knowledge of the foreclosure process allows for the use of different strategies to efficiently liquidate the collateral thereby maximizing your return.

Our attorneys have collected debts on behalf of businesses, banks, and individuals in numerous courts resulting in an enhanced familiarity with various local collection rules. Further, their experience with different types of debtors allows them to be able to determine the best methods of collection in order to maximize the amount of funds collected while simultaneously minimizing legal expenses.

Examples of secured transaction documents drafted by the attorneys of GP Law Group include promissory notes; forbearance agreements; loan modification agreements; mortgages; and commercial security agreements. The catalog of work-product in this area allows for the protection of the interests of each individual client by ensuring that the terms of each document adequately secure the loan granted by the client and provide sufficient recourse against the borrower should the loan become delinquent.

Our attorneys have appeared in Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceedings on behalf of our clients.

The extensive familiarity with foreclosure prosecution and debt collection has allowed our attorneys to gain a unique perspective on how to successfully defend foreclosure actions on behalf of debtors resulting in settlement agreements; deeds-in- lieu of foreclosure; and short sales. Further, numerous individual and business clients have had the attorneys of GP Law Group negotiate debts on their behalf. Such negotiations have resulted in establishing affordable payment plans and agreeing to payoffs for percentages of the balance owed.